How to Look Young and Vibrant by Using Mother Nature’s Gifts

Looking young, fresh and vibrant can boost your chances of finding that perfect someone or keeping the one you’ve already got. It’s a great way to boost your self esteem and feel great about your self. Mother Nature has a full arsenal of of weapons to fight ageing and keep you looking young and pretty.

One of the most important thing to consider is your skin. It should be be glowing and moisturised even without any make-up on. Another thing to consider is your hair. It should not be greasy or dry. It should not fall out so much.

Here are some things you can give your self to help you stop the hands of time into drawing lines on your face.

1. Free Stuff – Water and sleep are two of the most powerful things that nature has given us, not to mention they’re free! Water cleanses our bodies, provides moisture and helps us regulate our bodies. Drinking about three litres or about 12 glasses of water in a day can be the optimal cure for many things like dark circles, dry patches on your skin and drab hair. Just taking six to eight glasses (the recommended dose) may be enough but not good enough if you want to achieve that super dewy skin.

You may need to visit the rest room quiet more often but your body will thank you for this. This will help you also lose weight and improve your metabolism. Just by drinking eight glasses of water allows you to burn about 70 calories.

Sleep on the other hand is very important. Sleep deprivation makes you look much older than your really are. It makes your eyes red and a bit dry. It makes you have dark circles around your lids. The hormone cortisol which is released during stressful situations becomes higher in your blood when you lack sleep. Sleep allows the body to recuperate from stress and repair itself from the daily grind. Having about seven to eight hours of sleep is very important to be healthy. Melatonin and growth hormones are released during sound sleep which is great for fighting those wrinkles.

2. Banana Peel – You may think that bananas are just fast go to snacks for vegetarians but think again! Banana Peels are excellent for making for your skin look young and dewy. Rub the inside of the banana peel into your face. Leave it on until your desired time or wash it off after 15 minutes. I have personally tried this one and it really did give me that healthy glow and brightened my skin. It is also good for getting rid of pimples and as sunscreen for your eyes and skin. If you plan to use them for your eyes, try exposing them a bit in the sun for about 5-15 minutes only then rub it on your lids. This can help you prevent cataracts.


3. Lemons – Lemons are packed with Vitamin C that helps your body produce collagen to avoid sagging skin. Lemons are also antibacterial and can be used for various topical applications to make the skin look better. Lemons can be used to give your skin a lighter boost just by simply dipping a cotton ball into lemon juice and putting in on your skin before your sleep on in the morning before you take a shower. Just remember to let it sit for about 10-20 minutes to get the full effect. You can also use this for lightening uneven skin colour on your neck, elbows, hands, feet and knees.


4. Aloe Vera – I have discovered the benefits of aloe vera way before when I was a little girl. My mum used it to treat a bad burn on my face. Surprisingly it left no scar or burn marks on my face because of this wonderful plant. This miracle plant can help fight stretch marks and fine lines. It is high in anti-oxidants that can cure cuts, pimples and burns. It is good for soothing sunburn and gives relief to insect bites. Aloe vera gel can be purchased from the pharmacy or you can grow your own aloe vera plant.

5. Eating Fruits and Vegetables High in Anti-Oxidants – Our diet is one of the main determinants of the way look and feel. Consuming food that provide the right vitamins and minerals can help us improve our overall appearance. Berries are high anti-oxidants that help fight free radicals that cause ageing in your skin. Green leafy vegetables are high in fibre and minerals that help our body fight disease and make our blood circulate better. Tomatoes are packed with lycopene which gives us a healthy pinkish glow on our skin. Green tea is also excellent for fighting signs of ageing and maintaining our weight. It contains EGCG that combat fat and helps reduce food cravings. Green tea is high in cancer fighting flavonoids and anti-ageing catechins.


6. Connecting With the World and Meditating – Having time for ourselves to reflect and release tension is a great way to prevent our body clocks from racing too fast. We need to centre our selves by praying or meditating. Try burning some incense or sitting with your legs crossed in the lotus position even for three minutes everyday to ward of stress. Breathe and relax. Concentrate on your breathing. Feel the healing energies come into your being.

You may also try to seek some help from someone who has great spirituality. Psychics can help you to find your centre and ease your worries by providing you guidance in your issues in life. You can tell your friends your burdens too to lighten the load. Prayer is a powerful tool to ease your mind.

7. Love Yourself – One of the most important things in this world is to love yourself. What ever size and shape you came to be, you should love your self. Love your flaw and imperfections and embrace the uniqueness that is you. You are beautiful. You are no one else but you. Coming into terms with your self can help you feel great inside and out. If you feel happy with your skin, this will resonate in your life and show a wonderful and beautiful you!



A lot people fear being old. I believe in the cliche that “Age is just a number”. Mother Nature has given us wonderful gifts that can help us look better. These gifts are manifested in the plants around us and in the energies within our spirit. We should harness these gifts and live life to the fullest!

Blessed be!