Where to look for someone to date?


Love is everywhere according to one adage I have read. But sometimes you’d want to find the right kind of person in the right place and the right time. You probably want someone who gets you and understands who you really are. Some one who will not force you to eat meat or some one who loves dogs and cats too. So here are a few places where you can find the right kind of person for you.

Vegetable, weekend and Organic Markets



If you’re a vegetarian, there is a big chance you’d like to find someone who shares your psychic passion for eating fruits and vegetables. He or she may eat meat (if that’s OK with you) but nothing beats someone who knows the value of fresh produce. Going to vegetable, weekend, farmer’s and organic markets can be a great chance to meet someone. The bright beautiful fruits and fragrant flowers provide a rustic romantic backdrop. Bring your wicker basket too. It would be also nice if you really tried to find good fresh food here for yourself.

As you walk around the displays of veggies and fruits, you may chance upon a nice man or woman with a warm smile. Smile, be calm and try to approach him or her. Ask him or her what kind of ingredients he or she is looking for. Offer some help. You can also ask why they like that bitter gourd or if soft tofu is better than hard tofu. There are so many conversation pieces you can share because the people who walk through these markets are also likely to be like you! They love fruits and vegetables and they took time to buy something fresh instead of frozen. Now that’s a good trait!

Libraries and Book Stores



Are you a book lover? Are you searching for nice recipes to dish out for your next lovely vegetarian dinner. Going to the library or book stores can be the key in finding Mr. or Ms. Right. Well libraries for the most part, are places that are meant to be quiet but this doesn’t mean you can’t find that angel for you there (much like in the movie City of Angels where angels hang out in libraries). The smell of books and the silence can be romantic too. Try walking down the aisles of the sort of books that you like. Chances are you’ll see someone browsing or looking for books. Try to offer some recommendations for his or her next read. Then tell him or her why that book is so great. Now if you’ve connected ask that person for some coffee so you guys can talk about those books more.

Book stores on the other hand are more relaxed spaces that don’t really make you go on shhh mode so there is more chances of chatting with someone here. You can say hi to someone and ask them what sort of book they are looking for and why they like that particular genre. You can ask someone for help too. These are all great conversation starters.

After that don’t forget to ask them to coffee. Most book lovers love the smell of coffee.




You may love Mother Nature so much. You may love walking your dog. You may find joy in hearing children’s laughter. You may be the person who totally needs to go to the park every week or even everyday. If you’re this person there’s a great chance for you to meet someone who enjoys strolling in the park. Parks are nice relaxing spaces where you can read, breathe fresh air, enjoy the sunshine and meet someone new. Try walking around and look for someone who doesn’t have a set of earphones on. Comment on how nice or how cold the weather is. Ask for the time. Tell them that you’re there often and then offer to hangout with them some time. You can try saying that they have such a cute dog and that you have always wanted one or already have a dog yourself.

Cooking Classes


There are many vegetarian classes available out there. If you sign to one you’ll learn a lot of ways of prepping veggies rather than just throwing them all in a salad. As a bonus there may be a single boy or girl there who you can “help” or “ask for help” from. Bring a knife sharpener if this is not yet provided in class so you can offer to sharpen their knives before the class starts. Talk about why you chose to be a vegetarian. Ask them about their favourite food. Always smile. But don’t forget to look at the food your cutting! We don’t want to you to end up cutting yourself by being to distracted eyeing that pretty girl/ boy in the next cooking station.

Music halls



Music is the universal language. It’s relaxing and gives you happy giddy feelings. Meeting someone who enjoys the same music that you do would be awesome. You can try asking the person who the band or singer is or if they are familiar with the performer. If you know the band, try to chat about music. Order some drinks for the person you’ll meet. Be warm and friendly. Try to sound casual and not to0 forward. Ask them if they’d like to hangout there again with you some time in the coming week.

Tried all this and still having no luck?!  Well the partners are just hiding from you I think.  Perhaps it would be wise to consult a spiritual person and see if there is anything blocking you.  This really helped me out when I contacted a psychic after reading a review of psychic source.  I was glad I did as it made me realise I needed to become more approachable, and the psychic also told me where I could expect to meet someone and I did so that was great!  I also found some very useful tips about dating in general on the thelovequeen.com

Meeting someone new who is compatible to you can be fun but sometimes daunting. Be open and don’t limit your self. Try to explore the places you frequent for that possible special someone. Have fun and enjoy the process. You never know, that person may be just behind you in the line while paying for your coffee.