Is Being a Vegetarian Healthy?

Being vegetarian is a very healthy life choice. If you load up on healthy and organic food and shun processed and junk food then you’ll surely feel, and live better.

This lifestyle choice may be a little difficult at first but once you ease into it you will reap many benefits. At first you may find your self craving meat. Ward of temptations and stay on track. In a week or two of being a vegetarian your palette will change and you will now find fruits and vegetables more satisfying than those greasy meats.

If you want to take this journey let me give you a few things that could be helpful to you in being a vegetarian.



Ward off different sorts of disease and  cancers – Being a vegetarian allows you to consume a high dose of vitamins and nutrients. Green leafy vegetables are high in minerals that can fight off cancer cells. Turmeric and ginger are good anti-inflammatory agents to rid you of colds and body aches. They even have cancer fighting nutrients like curcumin. Studies suggests that high amounts of meat in diets lead to certain diseases such as heart problems, cancers and high blood pressure.

Live longer – Nutrients in plants have been found to promote longevity. Tofu is high in phytoestrogens such as genistein that promote youthfulness since it fights ageing caused by the sun. Eating a high nutrient diet helps you fight eye cataracts, gall bladder stones, arthritis and many more illnesses associated to ageing.

Have a healthy digestion and feel lighter – Too much meat in your diet causes constipation. Fibre on the other hand acts like nature’s broom and sweeps out your colon well. According to research a healthy human should be able to eradicate solid waste once to thrice a day to maintain a proper balance in the body. If you feel too much pain when you go or you expel waste only a few times a week chances are you’re constipated which is a sign of lack of fibre. Try loading up on food and veggies high in fibre such as whole grains, green leafy vegetables, root crops and fruits.

Lose weight and maintain it – By having a good digestive system, your body will be able to absorb  nutrients better and metabolize what you eat more. Also vegetables and fruits are low in fat and calories. If they do have fat in them they are monosaturated fat which is good for you.

Look good and feel great – Eating fruits high in vitamin C helps your body to produce and regulate collagen. This allows your skin to be more elastic and not sag. Food high in Lycopene such as tomatoes and watermelon gives you a healthy pinkish glow on your skin much like a baby’s. This helps you to look good even if you’re not sporting a tan. Looking great gives you confidence to shine.

Have an awesome sex life – Vegan and vegetarian diets that are filled with food that have high vitamin B complex and zinc allows better propagation of testosterone which leads to a higher sex drive. Meats that are high in bad cholesterols block arteries and causes poor blood flow. Poor blow flow in your genitalia causes impotence and also low libido.

Have a better relationship with Mother Nature – Raising meat for food causes imbalance in nature. Farms are crowded with animals that are often given hormones and artificial feeds to make them grow faster and bigger than normal. Nature did not design animals to live in close confinement to one another. Large amounts of methane gas is produced in farms. Fish ponds normally have their fish too crowded that they already eat their own poop. Once we eat these meat, fish and poultry it causes our DNA weaken and causes cancer. Humans where naturally programmed to consume more vegetables based on the number of molars we have versus the only two canine teeth in our mouths.

Make a difference in the world – Most animals that are farmed like cattle, pigs, goats, sheep and chickens have feelings too. They have may not be as intelligent as humans but they do want to live and to survive. Eating them as food is cruel.


Organic farming also helps farms to grow healthy food and provides livelihood. Better yet grow your own vegetables. This helps you relax, gives you healthy food which you know where it came from and provides oxygen to your home.


Becoming a vegetarian can be a very healthy choice. If you stick to good and healthy food you live a long life. You can enhance your self and find more energy and vigour. You can always look up the internet for healthy recipes  . Try joining vegetarian communities. Have fun! I hope this helped you consider on taking this path.