The Basics of Blind Dating


Dating has changed over the years with the help of technology and over-involved friends. Finding your own love match might mean going on a few blind dates along the way. You might find a prospective date on an online dating site or from a well-meaning friend hoping to set you up. No matter how you find yourself on a date with someone you don’t know, you must exercise some caution and follow a few basic safe dating tips. Dating people you don’t know might lead you to your Prince Charming, but don’t go into a blind date blind.

Make Sure Your Friends Are Updated

Whenever you are getting ready to meet with a blind date, you must make sure that your closest friends and family members are in the loop. You should tell someone when you are leaving on your date and exactly where you are going. If anything changes with your plans, you should also be ready to fire off a text to your friend. This is just a simple and easy way to make sure that those close in your life are aware of your blind date. They will know where to look if anything does go wrong.

Drive Yourself

Being picked up might be typical dating etiquette, but on your first blind date you should always be in charge of your own transportation. This will keep your date from knowing exactly where you live and also allow you to make a quick break if you need to. You never quite know what to expect when you are going on a blind date, so you should always be prepared for the worst. Having your own form of transportation leaves you in control.

A Public Setting Is Best

A nice romantic and private date is not the best thing for your first meeting. It is always recommended that when dating someone you have never met before, you meet in a public place. This is the safest place to meet and will lessen your chances of finding yourself in a dangerous situation. A restaurant, coffee house or movie theater are public places that make ideal first dates. Remember to start in public before you begin dating in private. You can learn a lot by how someone acts on the first blind date.


Are you over your ex?

Probably the worst thing you can do on any date (as I learned myself through hard experience) is to start talking about your ex, and this is even more important for blind dates when you really need to make a great impression. Talking about your ex boyfriend or girlfriend is a sure fire way to turn off your date and has even been voted one of the worst things to say on a date.  What if you actually aren’t over your ex? Well maybe it’s them you really want and if so you should check out this article – Michael Fiore’s Text your ex back – does it work?

Watch Your Drink

This may seem like a little over-the-top, but you should not leave your food or drink unattended. It is possible for someone to slip something into your drink without you even knowing. Until you can trust the person you are dating, it is important to just always use caution. Being too trusting may lead to disaster. There is a difference between overreacting and simply being careful. Read more essential dating safety tips at Cosmo.

Don’t Go Too Personal

On your first blind date, you should look to keep it causal and try not to answer any really personal questions. Your home address, work address and personal information should be private until you get to know them better. This will keep your identity protected a bit until you can actually trust the person you are dating. Being too open can lead to future problems.

Buddy Up

Blind dates can be more fun, relaxed and safe if you choose to bring friends along. If you both bring along a buddy, you can help to ease the tension and have backup ready if you need it. You can always give your friend a signal to leave if you are ready to be alone with your blind date.

You never know, dating someone you never met before may lead you to your future husband, but these dating tips will keep you safe in the meantime.