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Ways to Live Happily As A Vegetarian

Living as a vegetarian can be very rewarding yet it can also be very challenging. Being a vegetarian means you get to healthier and look better than people who eat meat. However, there can be limitations in your life. You may sometimes feel alienated and this can lead to feeling unhappy

However, you can always find joy and happiness with being vegetarian. You get to live a life that does not need to kill animals in order to survive. You also can ward off diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, and so many other illnesses.

Being a Happy Vegetarian

Most people who become vegetarian go on this path feel positive and happy right at the onset of this journey. However, there are times that one feels lonely being a veggie.

A lot of people feel that they sometimes that they miss meat and that their food makes them sad. There are also those who feel alone in family gatherings because the people around them poke fun at them or do not have the kind of food that is acceptable to the vegetarian diet.

But if you want to be happy and live with joy as a vegetarian, you must always look at the brighter side of life and find happiness in the choice that you have made to be a non-meat eater.

The most important thing about being a vegetarian is the choice to stay vegetarian and veer away from animal products. Many vegetarians choose this way of life because they know it will make them healthier. Others choose to be vegetarian as a starting point before going vegan. But the bottom line is a person chooses this lifestyle because he has realized that one can survive without consuming meat.

The choice that you have made to be healthy is reason enough for you to feel happy. Also, knowing that you are not harming animals and killing them for food is something to be proud of.

Finding Happiness

Of course, there will those moments when you doubt your choices and feel lonely as a vegetarian, but fear not, happiness can be found!

Aside from realizing that you are blessed for being more compassionate and healthy, you can also find joy by connecting with those who are also vegetarians. You can opt to travel and meet people or join gatherings that involve vegetarians as well.

1. Meet other vegetarians – “Birds of the same feather, flock together.” many people say. And so why not find your tribe and celebrate the wonderful world of eating vegetables.

You can connect with others who are also non-meat eaters and share recipes with them or tell stories about your journeys as vegetarians.

You can also boost each others’ morale to stay on course in the vegetarian lifestyle.

2. Travel to vegetarian-friendly countries – Believe it or not, as a vegetarian, you have many travel options around the world. There are many vegetarian-friendly countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Turkey, Vietnam, China, Italy and many more.

One of my best recommendations is Thailand. In the island of Koh Phayam, I have found many vegetarian restaurants there and many affordable places to stay at.

I have two favourite restaurants there. These are Ban Naam Cha and Cha Chai Home. Ban Naam Cha offers a really tasty vegetarian burger called Laarb Burger and Cha Chai Home has really good “lamb” wraps.

I feel that Thailand is one of the best places to visit as a vegetarian because they are prominently Buddhists and because of that many of them are vegetarians.

Travelling can really help you if you feel lonely and alone. It can boost your spirit and make you feel more alive

3. Adopt an animal – Find a dog, cat, pig, hamster or fish that you can take care of. I personally recommend mammals since they are normally very cute and funny. Dogs are very loving and have lots of energy to share and they can boost your spirits. Cats are quite adorable too and can be low maintenance compared to dogs. Cats can also give you the company you want without being overly clingy.

Since you are vegetarian, taking care of animals really makes sense and having an adopted animal can really make you feel that you made the right choice not to eat meat.

4. Plant trees or grow your own food – Being one with nature can also boost your commitment into being a vegetarian. If you plant trees, you can see them grow and they can be your legacy.

Growing your own food can help you not only save money but also learn many things about vegetables. Most of the time, food that you grow by yourself tastes a lot more delicious than store-bought food.

5. Don’t alienate yourself from meat eaters – Just because you are now a vegetarian doesn’t mean you should shun meat eaters.

Carnists and veggies can live and interact together peacefully. You can still hang out with them and enjoy meals with them.

If you will attend parties, then try to let the host know that you are a vegetarian in advance. You also opt to bring something vegetarian as well. Knowing places near the party that sells vegetarian food can also help you just in case the host did not prepare anything meat-free.

Don’t try to preach to non-vegetarians as well. Let them try your food but don’t force them. This will really help in making your relationship with them happy and healthy.

A Happy Vegetarian Is…

A happy vegetarian is a person who embraces life and does not feel alone. A happy vegetarian enjoys his or her food and does not resent being vegetarian. And lastly, a happy vegetarian chooses to interact with the world around him or her.

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