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Raising a Vegetarian Family

Being a vegetarian is one of the best choices one can ever make in life. You can have a better bill of health than others. You save a lot of money on food. You help the envirolment. You feel good and look great because you put healthy proteins and nutritious veggies into your body. But how about raising a family how can you raise a vegetarian family?

Your Partner

If you are going to raise a vegetarian family and vegetarian kids you need to get the permission of your husband, wife or partner in this. Having a supportive partner is the key to going full on vegetarian. Aside from this it is best that your partner is also vegetarian.

Having an omnivore partner may be counter intuitive. If you live in a house where someone eats chicken nuggets, there is a big chance that your kids would want to eat it as well. So you need an agreement that if he or she is an omnivore, he or she cannot eat such at home.

On the other hand, if you are lucky enough to get a partner who is also vegetarian, your journey to raising babies who are vegetarian are on it’s way.

You need not convert your partner, remember that. But yes, food is an integral part of any relationship and any life for that matter. The first step is to communicate. If you are deadset to raising a family who does not eat meat, you may need to think twice about getting hitched with a meat eater.

Raising Vegetarian Kids

Kids can be trained. They can be taught what to eat. If you teach them to eat veggies early on and prepare yummy vegetarian food, then they will love this kind of food. You can introduce them to fruits and shakes that they can snack on and enjoy.

However, your kids would of course go out into the world. A world which is primarily omnivore. So you need to teach your child well. You need to tell them why your family does not eat meat. Is it because you want to be healthy and avoid getting sick? Is it because you don’t want to harm animals? Tell them why your family is taking the vegetarian path.

You also need to teach them how to interact with omnivores. You need to tell them to avoid being preachy. You need to tell them that we are all different.

1. Make them pack lunches – In order for your kids to eat the right kind of food tha you know is vegetarian, then you need to prepare their food. You need to be creative so that they will love the taste and also be proud of their meals.

2. Allow them to enjoy fruits and vegetables – Teach them that fruits and vegetables have great taste. Teach them how to makes shakes and desserts made of good fruits.

3. Make meals colorful and enjoyable – Colorful food attract kids so they’ll want to eat the food more. Add different colors to each meal so they can enjoy the food more.

4. Make them help in the kitchen – If they made something, the more they will enjoy it. So allow them to cook, cut and prepare meals with your help.

5. Be prepared to answer their questions – Kids will ask why they eat a different type of food compared to others so you have to be prepared to tell them why. Educate your kids why your family chose this path.

6. Allow them to choose their path – In the end, your kids are individuals. Their food choices will be theirs. Don’t condemn them if they choose a different path from yours. Just teach them to eat healthy and love them for who they are.

Enjoy Food, Enjoy Life

Food is not meant to cause suffering. It should be a source of joy and enjoyment and thus you need to allow food to bring your family together and not apart. In the end, your love for your family is what’s important.

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