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Why I Decided To Be a Vegetarian?

My journey towards being a vegetarian were rooted to different reasons. I had an up and down relationship with avoiding meat. It had been difficult int he first bouts but now. I don’t feel any desire to eat dead animals at all.

For me, eating only vegetables has always been the right choice. It has helped me save money, time and also made me a kinder and more compassionate person.

The First Time

I had two tries in being a vegetarian. The first was when I was in highschool. I had felt bad when my father slaughtered a pig that I had grown to love. It made realize that being vegetarian is more humane and compassionate.

However, I dated a man who did not like vegetables. And marrying the same guy made me eat meat again. Fast forward into a few years back, I have gained much weight and have become diabetic. This made me realize I needed a lifestyle change. But I could not give up meat. I mean I ate veggies most of the time but I also did eat meat.

But deep in head there was a call for kindness and compassion. I have pets specifically two cats, Milo and Bingo who I love to bits. They made me question eating meat.

A Change of Heart

So after having some struggle with being a semi vegetarian I decided to go full on vegetarian. I still do eat eggs at times but I try to avoid them as much as possible. Why I decided to go full on is the realization of how much animals suffer because of us humans. We raise them in farms and treat them like they don’t thoughts or feelings. I could just not bear being one of those people who made other sentient beings suffer.

I have also been into practicing Buddhism. I have learned that food should never be a cause for the suffering of any being. So I decided to give up meat totally.

Why Should Anyone Be a Vegetarian?

The path of being a vegetarian is way more than the food you eat. It is a meaningful path to take towards helping others, the world and yourself. It gives me purpose to live and helps me also to save money.

1. Being compassionate – Being vegetarian means you do not partake in the killings of other sentient beings. You might argue that humans are meant to eat animals because we are omnivores or whatnot but can you ever kill an animal? If no, then why are you eating it’s dead body?

Choosing to be a vegetarian means you do not want to partake in harming other creatures. You do not want to be a part of the industry that exploits animals for food. You also do not want to hurt others. Being a vegetarian means choosing a path of kindness and compassion.

2. To be healthy – Studies have shown that red meat causes your body to go acidic. Vegetables are highly alkaline in nature and helps keep the acidity level in your body down. This helps you avoid or control various sicknesses such as hypertension, diabetes, cancer, heart problems and many others. It also helps you have good looking skin.

3. Look great and feel great – Have you ever felt so tired and exhausted. Studies have shown that eating too much meat makes you feel sluggish. Going green also helps you manage your weight. Vegetables are a natural source of fiber. Fiber helps you control your weight and manager your body. Vegetables also help you fight acne and keep your skin healthy and glowing.

4. Help the envirolment – One of the leading causes of global warming is surprisingly the consumption of meat. It takes sixteen pounds of grain to produce a pound of meat while a pound of grain needs only a pound to produce it! Cows raised for milk and meat give off a big amount of CO2. Pigs and chickens upset the ecological balance of a place since their fecal matter cause pollution.

Some companies in the US who sell chicken meat and raise poultry have already encountered various lawsuits because of improper waste disposal that lead to the poisioning of some rivers.

5. Save money – Meat is far more expensive than veggies. You can get protein from veggies at much lesser cost than having it from meat. You can cut down your food expenses by more than a half if you do not eat meat.

Basically there are so many reasons why you should ditch eating meat and start eating veggies. But the point is you have to choose this path. Better do it now before it’s too late.

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