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How to Live with Meat Eaters As a Vegetarian

Being a vegetarian has become easier and easier recently. You can now buy lots of fresh veggies, fruits, tofu, mushrooms and even vegie meat from the supermarket. You can dine in restaurants and find many vegan and vegetarian choices. Easy recipes can also be found online.

But what do you do if you life with meat eaters? What if you are the only vegetarian at home? How do you handle that? What about going out with friends and going to parties? So here are a few tips on how to live peacefully and happily as a vegetarian while you’re with meat eaters.

Peace Be With You

When you are a vegetarian, you normally live a more peaceful life than others. Whether you do it for health or humane reasons, being a vegetarian greatly helps nature and the environment. However, a lot of times may you face issues and problems with people who are non vegetarians or even other vegetarians.

1. Respect others – When you are a vegetarian, you have to stop yourself from preaching to others. A person’s dietary choice is like a religion or politics, you should always respect what they want. You cannot make others believe the same beliefs you have.

You may tell them the benefits of going vegetarian. You may make them try delicious vegetable dishes but it all boils down to personal choice.

Respect others’ food choice if you want them to respect yours.

2. Do not force them to taste your food! – One of the biggest no-nos is making another person taste your food when they clearly don’t like or hate veggies! You don’t want them to hate you and vegetables right?

3. Vegan or vegetarian – I know each of these food choices have their benefits and points. Don’t preach to one another who is better or who is worse. Respect begets respect.

How to Live With Meat Eaters?

The home is where the heart is, right? But how about if your partner is a non vegetarian or your children hate veggies?

When it comes to your children, you can teach and train them to eat veggies. However, with your partner it’s a whole different story. He or she may have grown in a whole different.

1. To cook or to take away – Having two different food choices may be a bit tricky. If you cook food at home, it means you need to cook two different kinds of food. The question is if who should cook? You need to first decide if you will cook or buy pre-made meals.

Cooking of course is a cheaper and healthier way to go about it. Take aways may be pricey if you don’t watch out. You can buy reduced food from the supermarket or find a good cheap place.

2. Who is cooking – If you decide that you guys want to eat at home and cook food, you need to decide who cooks the food. This is crucial thing you need to settle to achieve peace at home.

If both of you know how to cook, you may take turns cooking or each may prepare his or her own meals.

3. Prepare easy meals – Don’t torture yourself in the kitchen. You can prepare easy to make dishes. Roasting, baking and slowcooking are good choices because they are easy to do.

You may also make meals that are easy to freeze so you can eat them again on the other days of the week.

4. Prepare neutral food – You can make pasta and then separate the part with no meat first for the person whose vegetarian and then add the meat afterwards. You may also make dishes that you can share like mashed potato and then the meat eater can have a grilled dish and the vegetarian can have some beans to go with the mashpo.

3. Don’t tamper with each other’s food – Don’t put stuff in your partner’s food that he or she may not like. You wouldn’t want him or her sneaking in some bacon bits into your food right?

4. Have some vegetarian friendly snacks and TV dinners – If ever you are too lazy to cook you would thank those prepacked dishes or snacks. If you hate the ones that are filled with preservatives, buy some from the supermarket’s cooked dishes and put them in the freezer. You can do the same for the meat eater.

Going Out

Going out as a vegetarian used to be tricky, but now, it has become much much easier. Many restaurants carry vegan and vegetarian dishes that even meat eaters would like. However when attending parties and the like you can find it a bit tricky.

1. Find out what place you’re going to – You need to know if you need to bring something you can much on or if they offer vegetarian food.

2. Bring some crackers or something with you – Some bars only serve meat or maybe non vegan food. If you are a vegan, you may have limited food choices so you may need to bring some munchies with with you as a back up. Same goes for vegetarians.

3. Be polite and not preachy – If your friends’ party do not serve vegetarian food, do not fret, there can always be something that can be done. You can call a place that delivers food. You can ask them if they have some salad greens. But remember to do it nicely.

Bottom Line

Being a vegetarian is a choice that requires commitment. You need to learn how to make compromises. You need to learn to choose peace instead of trying to convert someone into a vegetarian too. It may be difficult. It may be that you do know what meat does to people but the point is, you can make others become you.

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