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Vegetable Soup for the Vegetarian Soul

If there is Chicken Soup for the Soul why isn’t there a Vegetable Soup for the Vegetarian Soul? Well maybe there ought to be one. Like somewhere people who are living a violence free existence and eating healthy can be inspired by stories of other vegetarians.

Well I do love reading Chicken Soup for the Soul, but being a vegan, my friends started to tease me about it. I have thought that there should be a few stories of vegetarian people sharing inspiring acts to others. So here are a few I have gathered from my friends who have saved lives by rescuing stray animals or have fought for their fur babies till the end. I’m going to share my own story as well.

Story 1: Milo Took Away My Sickness


I have a cat named Kitkat. She got pregnant with three cute kittens. I named them Milo, Oreo and Bingo. They were so cute and lovely. I noticed Milo was smaller than his brothers but he was a kind-hearted kitten. One day I fell sick. I did not have any money as I have just quit my job. I went to the hospital the doctor told me that I have severe strep throat and I needed confinement. But I was too broke and I did not have insurance. I did not know what to do. I decided to just go home. I googled my medicines and took them. I told my self I was going to wing it. This was also the time of my birthday. Milo suddenly fell ill too. As I was recuperating, he was getting sicker and sicker.

As I had a little money in the bank, I decided to bring him to the vet. He had severe worms and needed to be fed milk. We tried our best. We brought him back to the doctor but he did not get well. He died and I regained full strength. The doctor said if I was not going to get confined I may die due to severe infection. I guess Milo was my angel and he saved me.

Story 2: The Woman Who Has 95 Rescue Cats

Luchie was a woman of means but before she did not care much about cats. One day, her daughter brought home a stray kittens. They were in poor health and sickly. They decided to foster them and give them milk. They survived and lived. After that she started picking up stray cats. She gave them food and saved them from the streets. She wishes people would stop throwing kittens out and advocates for spaying and neutering of cats and dogs. She says that she saves cats because in this way she makes the world a better place.

Story 3: Grey the Fighter

My father’s house had a big field behind it. It was beautiful but had a lot of wild grass in it. Because of the grass, there may be bugs or snakes in there. My father had three cats, Queen, Grey and Yuki. Grey loved playing outside. He was energetic and adorable. He had a short tail. One day Grey did not go home. We found him dead with snake bites. Our neighbor saw his body near their house. They had a small baby who Grey liked to play with a lot. I guess Grey fought to save that baby. He gave his life to save his friend. Until now Grey’s death puts me to tears.

Story 4: Becoming Vegetarian Saved Her Finances

I met a friend who loved eating in fast food restaurants and loved eating meat. She rarely drinks water. One day she realized that she is really running low on funds and has no savings. I told her why not try to live healthy by eating more veggies and by this she can save money. She would not believe me at first. But she gave it a try. On the first week we would only eat vegetable selections in our office pantry. She was able to cut down her lunch expenses to about a half. She was able to save that money. She said she decided to do it at home. When she computed how much money she saved, she could not believe it! She was able to save enough money to open an online store that sells quilts and kids clothes. Now she still works in the office but has saved lots of money from her online store. She also feels healthier!

Please SHARE Your Story

Well being a vegetarian can sometimes be difficult. We need to encourage one another. I hope you can inspire others like you to also be vegetarian. Share your story here and inspire others too!

I hope I was able to make you smile by these few stories!

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