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I am Already a Vegetarian but I’m Still Fat


I am fat. I’m only 5”2 and I weigh 176lbs. I have been happy with my own size and shape for a very long time. I don’t think being fat is ugly, on contrary I think I’m very beautiful. I have long brown hair and I have an ample chest. I did not bother about my weight, not until I was diagnosed with diabetes last year.

At first I really followed the plan of lowering my sugar. But it was so difficult. I love baking and made cakes and pies and pastries all the time; the ultimate vegetarian indulgence was deserts. I was able to lower down my sugar for a while, but come Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year, I had gained much weight and eaten so many forbidden food. What I did was just to double my medications when I ate sweet food. Food was my comfort zone. I thought I was healthier than most because I did not eat meat. I only had veggies, lots and lots of veggies and grains. But I also ate chocolates and ice-cream.

How Do Vegetarians Get Fat?

Many people are surprised how I became fat. When I was 18, I decided to become a vegetarian, I am a lacto-ovo vegetarian. I rarely consumed milk though. I ate healthy food and always had lot and lots of veggies. So why did I become a size 16 from a size 2? Simple my lifestyle. So here are the few things that I know made me fat.

Lack of Sleep – I worked as an IT officer and I was scheduled to work at night. This was when all system maintenance was done because people don’t use their computers. I was able to get sleep but not good kind of sleep. My metabolism slowed down because I slept in the day and it is said that after 8pm, our metabolic rate slows down. I’m not able to burn the lunch I had at 12 midnight. I also skipped meals and binged-eat when I have time. This was because of schedule again.

I Ate, a Lot – I thought because I was a vegetarian that I’m eating a much healthier diet than my friends and family. I knew in my heart I was not going to get fat. But I loved eating, maybe too a little too much. So I baked a lot. I made chocolate my friend. So the combination of lack of sleep and my food intake made me gain weight in a few months from 125lbs to 190lbs. I recently lost weight!

No Exercise – I had a pretty sedentary life. I don’t walk like I used to and I hate sweating. I don’t like exercising. I had tried to but I just couldn’t. I had no time for exercise. I had so many excuses.

My Journey to a Healthy Me

I want to lose weight.

A month ago I decided to take Yoga, not to lose weight but to release my stress. I started working out. Then I wanted to get cute Yoga clothes and that was where it all started. Then aside from Yoga I joined a dance class called NIA which really made me sweat.

A few days ago I went to an endocrinologist to get a clearance for a tooth extraction. He said if I lost enough weight, I don’t need to take any maintenance medications anymore! And now motivated me. I really wanted to lose weight. I ditched eating too much deserts. I ate only ¼ cup of ice cream so as just not to salivate when my husband buys some. I went to a wellness coach and followed a meal plan. I did not diet, I just ate healthy and try not to munch on too big meals. I wanted to look good and feel great. I am feeling really good..

So What Do I Do When I’m Tempted?

I give in! Well not in the way I used to before, now I try to control it. I eat very little. I try to eat pasta in small portions. I eat five small meals a day. I jog everyday aside from my Yoga classes. And if you say you don’t have time, I work 12 hours a day but I do make time. I try not to waste time on social media or other nonsense. I wanted to be healthy. I did not just want to be a skinny, pretty lady, I wanted to be a woman who can live up to 80!

Update: I have just lost weight! Now I’m 170lbs.





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