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Talks about dating tips for vegetarians, non vegetarians who want to date or who are dating vegetarians and everything in between.

The Basics of Blind Dating

Dating has changed over the years with the help of technology and over-involved friends. Finding your own love match might mean going on a few blind dates along the way. You might find a prospective date on an online dating site or from a well-meaning friend hoping to set you up. No matter how you find yourself on a date with someone you don’t know, you must exercise some caution and follow a few basic safe dating tips. Dating people you don’t know might lead you to your Prince Charming, but don’t go into a blind date blind.

Make Sure Your Friends Are Updated

Whenever you are getting ready to meet with a blind date, you must make sure that your closest friends and family members are in the loop. You should tell someone when you are leaving on your date and exactly where you are going. If anything changes with your plans, you should also be ready to fire off a text to your friend. This is just a simple and easy way to make sure that those close in your life are aware of your blind date. They will know where to look if anything does go wrong.

Drive Yourself

Being picked up might be typical dating etiquette, but on your first blind date you should always be in charge of your own transportation. This will keep your date from knowing exactly where you live and also allow you to make a quick break if you need to. You never quite know what to expect when you are going on a blind date, so you should always be prepared for the worst. Having your own form of transportation leaves you in control.

A Public Setting Is Best

A nice romantic and private date is not the best thing for your first meeting. It is always recommended that when dating someone you have never met before, you meet in a public place. This is the safest place to meet and will lessen your chances of finding yourself in a dangerous situation. A restaurant, coffee house or movie theater are public places that make ideal first dates. Remember to start in public before you begin dating in private. You can learn a lot by how someone acts on the first blind date.


Are you over your ex?

Probably the worst thing you can do on any date (as I learned myself through hard experience) is to start talking about your ex, and this is even more important for blind dates when you really need to make a great impression. Talking about your ex boyfriend or girlfriend is a sure fire way to turn off your date and has even been voted one of the worst things to say on a date.  What if you actually aren’t over your ex? Well maybe it’s them you really want and if so you should check out this article – Michael Fiore’s Text your ex back – does it work?

Watch Your Drink

This may seem like a little over-the-top, but you should not leave your food or drink unattended. It is possible for someone to slip something into your drink without you even knowing. Until you can trust the person you are dating, it is important to just always use caution. Being too trusting may lead to disaster. There is a difference between overreacting and simply being careful. Read more essential dating safety tips at Cosmo.

Don’t Go Too Personal

On your first blind date, you should look to keep it causal and try not to answer any really personal questions. Your home address, work address and personal information should be private until you get to know them better. This will keep your identity protected a bit until you can actually trust the person you are dating. Being too open can lead to future problems.

Buddy Up

Blind dates can be more fun, relaxed and safe if you choose to bring friends along. If you both bring along a buddy, you can help to ease the tension and have backup ready if you need it. You can always give your friend a signal to leave if you are ready to be alone with your blind date.

You never know, dating someone you never met before may lead you to your future husband, but these dating tips will keep you safe in the meantime.

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Where to look for someone to date?

Love is everywhere according to one adage I have read. But sometimes you’d want to find the right kind of person in the right place and the right time. You probably want someone who gets you and understands who you really are. Some one who will not force you to eat meat or some one who loves dogs and cats too. So here are a few places where you can find the right kind of person for you.

Vegetable, weekend and Organic Markets



If you’re a vegetarian, there is a big chance you’d like to find someone who shares your psychic passion for eating fruits and vegetables. He or she may eat meat (if that’s OK with you) but nothing beats someone who knows the value of fresh produce. Going to vegetable, weekend, farmer’s and organic markets can be a great chance to meet someone. The bright beautiful fruits and fragrant flowers provide a rustic romantic backdrop. Bring your wicker basket too. It would be also nice if you really tried to find good fresh food here for yourself.

As you walk around the displays of veggies and fruits, you may chance upon a nice man or woman with a warm smile. Smile, be calm and try to approach him or her. Ask him or her what kind of ingredients he or she is looking for. Offer some help. You can also ask why they like that bitter gourd or if soft tofu is better than hard tofu. There are so many conversation pieces you can share because the people who walk through these markets are also likely to be like you! They love fruits and vegetables and they took time to buy something fresh instead of frozen. Now that’s a good trait!

Libraries and Book Stores



Are you a book lover? Are you searching for nice recipes to dish out for your next lovely vegetarian dinner. Going to the library or book stores can be the key in finding Mr. or Ms. Right. Well libraries for the most part, are places that are meant to be quiet but this doesn’t mean you can’t find that angel for you there (much like in the movie City of Angels where angels hang out in libraries). The smell of books and the silence can be romantic too. Try walking down the aisles of the sort of books that you like. Chances are you’ll see someone browsing or looking for books. Try to offer some recommendations for his or her next read. Then tell him or her why that book is so great. Now if you’ve connected ask that person for some coffee so you guys can talk about those books more.

Book stores on the other hand are more relaxed spaces that don’t really make you go on shhh mode so there is more chances of chatting with someone here. You can say hi to someone and ask them what sort of book they are looking for and why they like that particular genre. You can ask someone for help too. These are all great conversation starters.

After that don’t forget to ask them to coffee. Most book lovers love the smell of coffee.




You may love Mother Nature so much. You may love walking your dog. You may find joy in hearing children’s laughter. You may be the person who totally needs to go to the park every week or even everyday. If you’re this person there’s a great chance for you to meet someone who enjoys strolling in the park. Parks are nice relaxing spaces where you can read, breathe fresh air, enjoy the sunshine and meet someone new. Try walking around and look for someone who doesn’t have a set of earphones on. Comment on how nice or how cold the weather is. Ask for the time. Tell them that you’re there often and then offer to hangout with them some time. You can try saying that they have such a cute dog and that you have always wanted one or already have a dog yourself.

Cooking Classes


There are many vegetarian classes available out there. If you sign to one you’ll learn a lot of ways of prepping veggies rather than just throwing them all in a salad. As a bonus there may be a single boy or girl there who you can “help” or “ask for help” from. Bring a knife sharpener if this is not yet provided in class so you can offer to sharpen their knives before the class starts. Talk about why you chose to be a vegetarian. Ask them about their favourite food. Always smile. But don’t forget to look at the food your cutting! We don’t want to you to end up cutting yourself by being to distracted eyeing that pretty girl/ boy in the next cooking station.

Music halls



Music is the universal language. It’s relaxing and gives you happy giddy feelings. Meeting someone who enjoys the same music that you do would be awesome. You can try asking the person who the band or singer is or if they are familiar with the performer. If you know the band, try to chat about music. Order some drinks for the person you’ll meet. Be warm and friendly. Try to sound casual and not to0 forward. Ask them if they’d like to hangout there again with you some time in the coming week.

Tried all this and still having no luck?!  Well the partners are just hiding from you I think.  Perhaps it would be wise to consult a spiritual person and see if there is anything blocking you.  This really helped me out when I contacted a psychic after reading a review of psychic source.  I was glad I did as it made me realise I needed to become more approachable, and the psychic also told me where I could expect to meet someone and I did so that was great!  I also found some very useful tips about dating in general on the

Meeting someone new who is compatible to you can be fun but sometimes daunting. Be open and don’t limit your self. Try to explore the places you frequent for that possible special someone. Have fun and enjoy the process. You never know, that person may be just behind you in the line while paying for your coffee.

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Dating Non Vegetarians Problems (and Some Solutions)


Who doesn’t like food? Who doesn’t like love? Well unless you hate the world and want to dwell in a hole in the bottom of a deep pit then you probably love both. Food is a essential aspect of dating specially if you’ve opted out of the meat eating crowd. It can be a deal breaker and you can come across some hiccups when going out on date specially with non vegetarians.

Dating Non Vegetarians Problems

Dating a non vegetarian may pose some problems. For most part, you must first decide if you want someone who is a meat eater. If that’s fine with you then you may need to face some things that may have you scratching your head.

Here are some of the most common issues you may come across when dating someone who is not in the same boat as you are on being a vegetarian.

Being thought of as a elitist snob – A lot of people in your life may misunderstand your choice of foregoing meat. Going on a date with a non veggie can  at times put you in this situation. Some carnivores or omnivores may think you’re someone who is a total elitist and a snob even if you’re totally not. For most part, not all meat eaters are that ignorant but some may be, so you have to be careful.

Some meat lovers will try to guilt trip you and say that they don’t have enough money to buy all those “fancy organic hard to cook tasteless vegetables”. You may encounter a super macho guy and he’ll tell you that veggies are just for chicks or a girl who says but “I love chicken and fish but I hate rabbit food… eeewwww”.

If your lucky enough to find an omnivore who respects you and later on becomes your boyfriend or girlfriend you may encounter some problems when meeting his or her parents and relatives. Hard core carnivore families may give you a quizzical look and say that you’re “too good” for their baby and that your future kids are all going to be probably all too skinny


Being forced to eat “just one bite” –  It may be your first (or your fifteenth) date and your date is dying to find out if you would cave in. It’s a battle of the will. He or she may even try to sweetly and sneakily try put to food in your mouth by batting their eyelashes and picking up the fork and stabbing a piece of steak then offering it you. Some may employ all sorts of tactics just to make you down a piece of chicken. Others will try to order fish for you saying “It’s fish anyway, so it does not count right?”. Hello, a fish has eyes, heart and a gut, right? So IT IS an animal. You just want to scream and run but just try keep your cool.

Being asked weird questions why you are a vegetarian – “Are you a tree hugger?”, “Do you smoke or eat weed?”, “Do you feel weak since you don’t eat meat?” are just some of the questions you may encounter from a person who is totally clueless about shunning meat in your life. I’ve heard questions such as “Plants are alive too so do you feel guilty killing them?” and I go like “What have you been smoking dude?”. You may find yourself in situations where you make mental notes about the answers (you have already memorized) to questions that have been asked hundreds and hundreds of times. The common ones go like “Are you on a diet?”, “Are you sick or something?”, “Does your hair fall out?” to really weird ones like “Have you ever tried feeding your dog carrots?”, “Do you throw up or cry when passing by the meat section in the grocery store?” and “Do you have an altar for vegetables?”. Some people can get really nosy and disrespectful. They may judge you based on your eating preference. If your date starts asking questions you’re not comfortable to answer then ditch him or her and just say you have to go home and feed your Venus Fly Trap with his or her brain.

Your date likes rare steaks…. a lot… – Some vegetarians feel OK with seeing someone devour meat, some are not. But some non veggies can be down right inconsiderate.  They would order a huge slab of RARE steak and cut the bloody piece of meat in front of you. If they just like eating such out of food preference and you don’t feel queasy about it then that’s fine, but if they’re doing it to make you feel awkward then this person is totally not for you.

You can date a carnivore, sure — so long as you both make a compromise. For example if you go out to dinner, you can go to a restaurant with a wide vegetarian selection but also has great meat options. If you’ve been going out  for a long time then you can further layout ground rules about your chow options. For example, if you guys are hanging out in your place then he can eat meat but  nothing too bloody and if you’re out with him then respect the food he eats. Respect is the key here.

People telling you that the food is vegetarian and when you start eating it it’s totally not – So you’e found this really great person to out with and he or she accepts you being a vegetarian but some what ignorant in some aspects of your eating habits. For example, he cooks up a “vegetarian” dinner but added some chicken stock to it. Chicken broth comes from chickens….. and yes even if its just the broth. Just let him know that and be nice.

Sometimes though, people out there can be totally sneaky. They will cook up or order something that looks totally “safe” for you. You eat and it hits you! It has bits of pork in it and not veggie-meat. Then they will laugh at your face because they thought that it’s such a funny joke. Don’t settle for people like this. Get out ASAP!

Some Solutions:


Educate them Being a vegetarian should not limit your dating options. If you find some one who is funny, smart and loves your dogs then by all means go out with him or her even if this person chooses cheeseburger and fries for their lunch. You just need to let them know what being a vegetarian means to you and how you want to live your life. Tell them what being a vegetarian is like and what kind of food are real vegetarian friendly. Let them know that instant chicken ramen is not counted as vegetarian just because you don’t see any meat in it.

Meet a kindred spirit – Find someone else who is a vegetarian or knows you are and doesn’t have a problem with it. I joined an online dating site after reading a review of and was able to choose someone who knew I was a veggie and was up for the idea of that.

Respect – This should come from both of you. Don’t try to convert him or her and he or she should not convert you. We know that being a vegetarian is healthy and gives you all the wonderful benefits but don’t try to shove this down the throat of the person you’re dating. It’s much like religion — don’t try to be all high and mighty. In the same way the other person should never play tricks on you to tempt you to eat meat. You can try to give him or her a taste of those delicious vegan muffins so that he can appreciate your side of the world.

Enjoy – Dating is all about those wonderful giddy feelings and eventually love. Try to enjoy the moment and don’t be overly critical about each other. If you guys would just nit-pick each other’s flaws then just quit seeing each other. Have fun together there’s a ton of things you can do together besides finding a vegetarian friendly restaurant.


So there, we know being a vegetarian has its ups and downs and that includes dating. Fear not and be strong. You can find a great person vegetarian or not. If you’re one of those lucky ones who has snagged a nice catch who loves you and respects your choices, then don’t let that person go. If you’re still trying to sift through the annoying bunch, keep your cool. You’ll fine some one worthy of you.


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